Propose new functionality for the GNOME 3.2 platform

The release team met yesterday (protocol at [1]) and as outlined earlier
in [2] we ask you, GNOME's developer community, to come up and discuss
new platform-wide features to be added for GNOME 3.2.

A first outline can be found at
Note that this is not intended to become a random wishlist.
Features should always have an assignee working on them.

This "platform-wide feature proposal period" is planned to end on May
09th[3] and replaces the traditional "module proposal period" known from
GNOME 2.x.
Of course proposing a new feature can include proposing a new module
that provides functionality for that feature.

Feature proposals are about the core desktop, hence this should not
affect feature planning and addition on a per-module basis.
The final feature freeze *for modules* is planned to be on Aug 15th[3],
but we encourage you to communicate the plans for your module early by
adding them to the roadmap at .

Furthermore, the marketing team might pick and feature some apps (though
it has to be discussed when exactly this is meant to happen in the
release cycle - Plans should be communicated early enough to give
translators and other concerned teams enough time).

On behalf of the release-team,


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