Disallowing bounces

Per today the gnome.org mailserver will not accept bounces generated by
external systems. This as these things are flooding mailing lists,
@gnome.org aliases and the ticketing systems.

Meaning: mail created by the gnome.org mailserver can result in a bounce
message. Mail created by external systems won't be accepted.

The server doesn't reject an empty envelope from, it just checks for two
content type mime headers. This won't catch all of the bounces, but
should prevent most of them.

If you use your @gnome.org alias with some external ISP: Make sure the
envelope from does NOT contain @gnome.org or you'll never receive bounce
messages. The normal From: can of course contain your @gnome.org alias.

IIRC gmail does it correctly, keeps your gmail address as the envelope
from while putting your @gnome.org alias in the From:.

PS: People employing challenge response systems should FOAD.

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