Summer of Code 2007


GNOME will participate in Summer of Code 2007. We've started to collect
ideas of projects for students. If you can think of a project that would
make a good SoC project, please add it to this page before March 13th:

A small team will triage the ideas added to this page in order to not
have students applying for a project we know we don't want (because it
could be too hard for SoC, or because it's too easy, etc.).

Also, a small team of 10 people will be responsible to choose the
applications that we'll accept, based on the comments of all the
potential mentors [1]. If you're interested in being in this selection
team, please send a mail to Behdad <behdad at behdad org> and me.

You can learn more about GNOME participation in SoC at:



[1] For more information about the selection process, see the wiki page
and the minutes of the first meeting about SoC:

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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