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On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 7:24 PM, Nagappan Alagappan <nagappan gmail com> wrote:
Hi Poornima,

I'm not convinced with I see the following issues:

* its not generic
* It doesn't handle any exception, say if you have test script 1 to 10, if the test fails for some reason and throws any exception in test 2, tests starting 3 to 10 won't be executed
* The test doesn't put back to the old state, I mean if some exception happens, all the current window should be closed and should be smooth for the next test

Other comments from IRC:

* Create a readme file with version of Firefox, Linux distribution
* Add respective license / author files
* Move 'frm*MozillaFirefox' and other object names to some common file, so changing things will be at one place, will be really helpful at later point, if you are planing for i18n / l10n. Just change that file content with appropriate locale text and your scripts are ready for localization testing
* time module imported couple of times in
* Comment line#57, line#46, line#40
* Use wait instead of time.sleep
* Additional space between url and = in

Additional comments:

* Don't use space between the function name and open bracket, ex: instead of 'log (' use 'log('
* Maybe you can use 'if not waittillguinotexist('window')' instead of 'if waittillguinotexist('window') == 0'
* At end of the complete test execution, application should exit


On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 12:06 PM, Poornima Nayak <mpnayak linux vnet ibm com> wrote:
Hi All

Sheetal & I work in IBM Linux Technology Center, we are testing
Accessibility. We are using LDTP test script written for automating
Firefox testing. These scripts where written based on Firefox version in
2004/2006 and LDTP supported API's in 2004/2006.
So we had to do lot of modification and come out with some work arounds.

Nagappan already suggested lot of changes, those will be done.
I specially need comment on which triggeres test one by one.

I have uploaded scripts at

We are planning to modify around 23 more Firefox test scripts and
publish in the above repository after we learn the expectation from LDTP
maintainer and the community.


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