Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] Automation meeting in two weeks (Dec 2nd)

That sounds OK as far as the week. I'm not at UDS :( , and I will be on holiday next week. Wednesday at 16:30 UTC poses some challenges WRT off-calendar commitments, but if an alternative time is not feasible I can try my best to attend.

Ara Pulido wrote:
Hello all,

I think we have been a bit behind in terms of our supposed to be biweekly meetings and we have enough to discuss to have a new one.

Because this week it is UDS and next week is Thanksgiving week (and many of the US people will be on holidays), what about having one in two weeks time?

I have set up a small agenda as usual at

Right now it includes:

 * Proposing jtatum as member of the launchpad team mago-contributors (ara)
 * Release of mago 0.2 for Lucid
 * Release of mago 1.0 supporting LDTPv2

So what do you think? Do you want to discuss anything else? Is that date OK with everyone?

Desktop automation meeting:
Wednesday December 2nd at 16:30 UTC in #ubuntu-testing

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