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Sandro Millien wrote:

Either we have a complex framework but simple test cases.
Either we have a simple framework but complex test cases.
We cannot have both simple framework and simple test cases. This is
I think it is better to put the complexity in the framework, and enable
people to write test cases easily.
I totally agree, that is the whole purpose of the gnome-desktop-testing and the ubuntu-desktop-testing projects. If you look to the comparison of two Gedits scripts, one using pure LDTP code ( and the other using the library ( you will see the difference.
This is why, I wrote a python script that takes in input
a .ltc file then translates it in a file .
A .ltc file can only see the ldtp namespace. i.e. : the "from ldtp
import *" is implicit. No other namespace is aloud.
Commands issued in a .ltc file are implicitly enclosed in try...except
In the case of the gnome-desktop-testing library we wanted to go a step further to make the tests framework independent. If the chosen framework changes, the scripts will remain the same.
I am still working on it, there are many other features I want to put in
in it, but the goal is to absorb the complexity of writing test cases in
the framework and let people write test cases, easily an securely.
I putted some initial documentation on it here :
I really like your ideas of reducing the power of test cases. Have you had a look to the gnome-desktop-testing library code? Could you explain (here and or in the wiki) how would you make both ideas (the ltc files and the library) work together?

Please, do not hesitate branching the gnome-desktop-testing project or the ubuntu-desktop-testing project to add your changes and proposal.


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