Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] LDTP and dogtail


On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Jason Cozens <jason cozens computer org> wrote:

I'm interested in getting involved with the automation work for gnome
and in particular ubunutu.

Great. If you get involved in this project, you will be supporting the gnome desktop, which in-turn you will be helping all the distributions bundling gnome :)


I listened in to the UbuntuQA meeting yesterday on #ubuntu-meeting
(jcozens on irc) and wonder if you can clarify the position with the
gnome-desktop-testing with regards to LDTP and dogtail. I was looking at
dogtail last weekend and got some basic tests around the menus going.

Good, I think you can try play around with LDTP too, it will be easy as well.

Following the meeting last night I checked out the svn code and ran
the ./bin/desktop-testing as it stands. All seemed to work. I've now set
this up with pydev in eclipse so I can follow the code through and
understand it better.


My question is, is it best to concentrate my efforts on
gnome-desktop-testing work as the best way forward in helping with

Yes :) We look forward for your contribution.


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