[gnome-desktop-testing] LDTP and dogtail


I'm interested in getting involved with the automation work for gnome
and in particular ubunutu.

I listened in to the UbuntuQA meeting yesterday on #ubuntu-meeting
(jcozens on irc) and wonder if you can clarify the position with the
gnome-desktop-testing with regards to LDTP and dogtail. I was looking at
dogtail last weekend and got some basic tests around the menus going.

Following the meeting last night I checked out the svn code and ran
the ./bin/desktop-testing as it stands. All seemed to work. I've now set
this up with pydev in eclipse so I can follow the code through and
understand it better.

My question is, is it best to concentrate my efforts on
gnome-desktop-testing work as the best way forward in helping with

Jason Cozens.

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