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Hi All,

(Please feel free to advise of appropriate mailing list if you think this
doesn't fit here)

I am looking into supporting CRD for GNOME/wayland. CRD would be leveraging
remote desktop APIs (along with screencast) as exposed by xdg-desktop-
portal{,-gnome}. While experimenting with remote desktop APIs, I see that for
enhanced security, an interactive dialog (relevant code:
) is always presented to the user to select sources/devices they want to allow
to be remote controlled. Though this workflow would make perfect sense when a
user is directly connected to the machine and is allowing someone remote to
take control (e.g. to get help from IT) but it is less than ideal for a user
who is trying to access their own machine remotely (e.g. accessing their work
computer from home).

If you visite the screenshare configuration panel, you have two choices,
interactive or password driven. The second is non-interactive. The visual
addition telling the user that the display/screen/window is share does not seems
like a problem to me, but indeed possibly make a bit less sense outside of
remote support kind of use case.

I would like to hear ideas from the GNOME community about how to best support
the latter use case for remote desktop. Is there a secure way to bypass the
dialog/prompt selectively for apps? There seems to be recent support for

Note that VNC/password in that context is not very secure, should likely be used
in local and controlled network. But this is specific to VNC and might not be
relevant what you suggest.

restoring the capture streams (if persistence was demanded previously by the
user) using flatpak permission
/14 but remembering streams for remote desktop session is explicitly
disallowed in the portal frontend
589-L594 -- though this doesn't seem to be GNOME specific). Is it reasonable
to extend the stream restoration support to work for remote desktop sessions
as well as pre-populating the permission store to allow remote desktop session
(so that user intervention can be avoided)? Also, would pre-populating the
permission store work for system installation of CRD or would only work for
flatpak/sandboxed version of the app?

Looking at how other software/systems are supporting screen capture/remote
desktop, we see wlroots/sway allows for configuring the output screen to
capture in a config file
rtal-wlr.5.scd#description). I believe Windows.Graphics.Capture APIs can also
allow Win32 apps to capture a window/screen without user interaction.

Would love to hear thoughts from the community about the best way forward.


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