Re: Changes to GitLab runners configuration

Hi again,

this seems to be because of

Thanks Ondrej for finding the root cause of the change!

I just pushed [1] a change to the template which should workaround the issue for now. Also left a comment on 
the upstream issue [2]

If your pipeline was working before this and now is broken due to this, please ping me. Otherwise, your 
pipelines should be starting correctly now for those that were affected by the gitlab upgrade.



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On Tuesday, March 10, 2020 10:32 AM, Ondrej Holy <oholy redhat com> wrote:

Hi all,

this seems to be because of and it is enough to
use some custom stages instead of .pre/.post to fix this, which I did
recently for Nautilus:



po 9. 3. 2020 v 21:34 odesílatel Felix Riemann friemann gnome org napsal:

Am Sonntag, den 08.03.2020, 18:34 +0000 schrieb Jordan Petridis:

Hi Felix,


I've noticed that a while ago as well, but I was certain it wasn't
caused by the recent changes cause we had extensively
test them.

Yes, I found the templates in gitlab after writing the mail and the
changes do not look intrusive enough to make pipelines stop working

Today I found some time to track down the issue and looks like its a
regression on gitlab itself, probably on the latest update.
The issue is that the template now uses the default .pre and .post
stages to avoid over witting/forcing projects on a specific stages
schema. This seems to have been working fine, till roughly 2 weeks
ago. [1]
Some projects that define more jobs and naturally their custom
stages, such as epiphany, had pipelines working the whole time.
Briefly looking at gitlab, I've found this [2] bug report, but
there's probably an older one I suspect.

Indeed, the bug description seems to fit pretty well. I also got the
mentioned "No stages/jobs for this pipeline." error when I tried to
start a pipeline manually.

I think we can try to workaround this in our template, and I will try
rolling something out tomorrow. Will most likely move back the
current jobs back to [build, deploy] stages which hopefully every
project has already. This does have the potential to break some CI
configurations and if so please do ping me on irc (or rocket chat) or
reply to this email.
I am sorry for the unfortunate timing and for not looking at it
sooner. Hopefully this will be resolved soon™️

No problem. I hadn't noticed earlier myself until I noticed the Flatpak
repo not updating after the 3.36 release. Thanks for having a look into

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