A little experiment: GNOME on wayland-only?


This weekend I was curios about how difficult would be to have GNOME
in a wayland-only system

Thanks to building GNOME in a sandbox (thanks to buildstream and
bwrap) and also thanks on using freedesktop-sdk as a base we can
easily control the whole stack, so I started to experiment [1]

Not sure how far we can go, but at least I'm discovering bugs and
submitting some patches on the way (some of them are already

At some point I would like to generate a parallel pipeline in
gnome-build-meta so at least we do not regress on wayland-only support
(and ideally we can create a parallel GNOME VM without X at all, who

I'm keeping the progress here: [1] if someone wants to keep track


[1] https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-build-meta/issues/226

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