Call for talk proposals - Open Source Design devroom at FOSDEM 2020

Hello all,

I'd like to let you all know the Open Source Design FOSDEM devroom will take place on Sunday, February 2nd 2020.

We invite you to send in your submissions about design work on free, libre and open source projects.

When we say design we mean ‘design’ in the broadest sense – all in the context of open source projects, which we believe introduces unique challenges.

For inspiration, you can see the talks from 2019 and 2018:

Designers and developers working with designers (or on a design-minded project) are welcome to submit proposals.

For more information, you can find all necessary information on the Call for Proposals:

If you think you have an idea for a proposal, but aren't sure, let me know and I'll help if I can. You can get me on email, #tails (I'm bbt), or XMPP: bernard social ei8fdb org

Best wishes,

Open Source Design collective

Bernard Tyers
User Researcher and Interaction Designer
Sane UX Design

E-mail: bernard ei8fdb org

Until the end of November 2019, I am unavailable for work. If you'd like to hire me from December, please get in touch.

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