Re: [GitLab] Akismet enabled, report if you get constant ReCaptchas

On 03/28/2019 05:45 AM, Carlos Soriano wrote:
Hi all,

Just a quick heads up, spam bots have started to put comments in
issues, so we are trying to enable again a quite strong spam
protection called Akismet.

In the past we disabled it because false positives fire a ReCaptcha,
and for some people those were happening constantly. So now that we
have reenabled Akismet, let Andrea Veri or me know if ReCaptchas are
being fired for you repetitively.

Have a good day!

I'm getting recaptchas whenever I edit the first comment in an issue report. That's annoying.

I can edit other comments and can post issues and comments with no recaptcha. That's good.

Seems pretty stupid/weird to only show recaptcha when editing the first comment?


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