Re: GJS Docs now Hosted on

On 7/11/19 11:27 AM, Philip Chimento via desktop-devel-list wrote:
Unfortunately not possible right now! IIRC, the GNOME Builder team has been looking for someone to volunteer to work on a language server to get autocomplete support for JS. I don't know the bug number but the gnome-builder mailing list or <> would know more. Maybe this is something you would like to get involved with?

I also created jsonrpc-glib while designing Builder's language-server integration. It provides both client and server objects to simplify LSP creation. I haven't tried using it from GJS but it does support gobject-introspection so in theory it should work.

Anyway, we'd love to gain support in Builder for GJS, but it really does require someone close to the GJS project to help us with that.

-- Christian

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