Re: GJS Docs now Hosted on

Hi Anastasios!

On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 11:18 AM Anastasios Lisgaras via desktop-devel-list <desktop-devel-list gnome org> wrote:
On 26/6/19 12:47 ??.??., Andre Klapper wrote:> Just for the records:
 > In a perfect world, this would be on
 > instead.

I totally agree with you!

On 27/6/19 1:14 ??.??., meg ford via desktop-devel-list wrote:
> I'm going to make a pull request to update the links to the GJS docs on
> <> soon. I thought moving
> the GJS docs to GNOME infra was a good first step towards making sure we
> can easily maintain them.

Very nice! Very good idea and thank you! :)

Incidentally since we have this discussion, How can I see in my system,
which version of the GJS I have

gjs --version (and gjs --jsversion to see which version of Firefox JS engine it corresponds to)
and how can I have the so-called
"auto-complete" when writing code ?

Unfortunately not possible right now! IIRC, the GNOME Builder team has been looking for someone to volunteer to work on a language server to get autocomplete support for JS. I don't know the bug number but the gnome-builder mailing list or would know more. Maybe this is something you would like to get involved with?

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