Re: GNOME Online Accounts 3.34 won't have documents support

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 11:24:00AM -0800, philip chimento gmail com wrote:
2. It's not possible to discontinue support for services X, Y, and Z from
GOA, and yank the rug out from under apps that expected (even if that
expectation was wrong) it to be part of a stable platform.

You mean like the time when GJS broke GNOME Documents?

PS. Yes, count me among the completely surprised that GOA is not an API
that apps should use. It was not communicated anywhere close to the level
it needed to be. That's on GNOME, not on those app developers. This is why
it's our problem.

Ah, "those app developers"? And who might those be?

You better produce solid proof of a single case where "those app
developers" were screwed over by GOA, or withdraw that comment.

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