Re: Feature Request "File-clipboard"

Hi Patrick,

this is a bit late but still...

Le 2019-01-05 11:41, Patrick H. a écrit :
I've got the following idea:
Often we want to send a scanned document or something like that to
somebody. We then have to save the document and open it then in the
mail-client or Telegram or Signal or something else.

It would be nice to have a "Save to file-clipboard"-button in the
Save-window and a "Open from file-clipboard"-button in the
open-window. So the file doesn't have to be saved really (and deleted
after sending).

You may have missed the "recent files" workflow. After you scan your
document, when you save it, it's added to the recent files list. When
you then want to add it as an attachment inside your mail, your email
client opens the file chooser[1]. On the left panel, select "Recent",
and the last document you saved should appear on top of the list in
the right panel.

Hope this helps.



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