Release notes for 3.32 are open!

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The UI freeze is about 4 weeks away[1]! Please start to think about the
work you put into your modules this release cycle. Even if it doesn't
directly align with a new feature, the effort spent on a module is
definitely worth incorporating into the release notes.

I have opened an issue[2] for collecting release notes material. If you
have an issue or MR in Gitlab that summarizes the changes made to a
module, please mention Teams/Engagement/release-notes#8.

Here is a comment you can copy and paste into your issue(s).

@subpop: this issue contains a feature that might be of interest for 
the release notes. Please take a look!

I will still monitor the wiki page[3] for changes, but please try to
tag the issue in Gitlab.

It is good to know about small changes as well as large ones, and it 
isn't always the features that require a lot of work that are 
interesting. More information is always better than less.




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