Re: GitLab mirror considered harmful

If I understand correctly, a large part of the rationale for the github mirror was that it was supposed to result in additional code contributors,, since people who already contributed to other github projects would be more likely to check out the GNOME code if it was mirrored on github. What happens instead is that new contributors sometimes don't initially realize that they have checked out a read-only mirror, they go through the steps to submit a contribution on github only to have their merge request automatically closed, and they might feel frustrated. So I think that, unfortunately, the effect of the mirror has run counter to the stated goal.


On Mon, 4 Feb 2019, Michael Gratton wrote:

Hi all,

While the GitHub mirror may have been useful back before GitLab, it actually discourages contributions because PRs aren't accepted there. I've not seen from any positive outcomes from it that I can remember, only negative ones. As such I think it should be deleted.

Because of this I just filed:​ – any thoughts?


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