Re: Clarifications regarding GNOME Online Accounts

Every user has to indeed obtain their personal key, it's the only way to remain free software with 
reproducible builds while keeping the feature. Simplenote for one example is an open source app that can't 
get accepted in F-Droid because the data synchronization platform enforces the developer to keep their key 
private. GNOME will be better off taking the initiative in maximizing this issue coverage in publications 
targeted at desktop users, before updating the implementation. Maybe releasing a patch that visibly 
deprecates the current use, publishing tutorials on getting the keys, and emphasizing that the inconvenience 
is caused by a requirement from Google. If you're familiar with imageboard extension userscripts, getting own 
keys is what users have needed to do for years to prefetch YouTube metadata for example, and because of the 
origin of this requirement explained right next to the input field, users understand that the developer isn't 
the one to blame.

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