Re: Heads up: Geary mainline development branch renamed to `mainline`

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Am Mi., 24. Apr. 2019 um 13:57 Uhr schrieb Michael Gratton <mike vee net>:

On Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 13:31, Daniel Mustieles García
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So hardcoding the name "mainline" to the list of branches that Damned
Lies' looks up resolves the problem for you... and tomorrow another
maintainer decides to rename it's master branch to
whatever_non_offensive_name and DL breaks again until a patch is
submited... no, sorry but this is not a solution for this.

I agree, which is why I have been working to fix it places where it's
hard coded.

When actually working on the project, you probably type the branch
name now and then.  This means you need to be aware of it - it is a
piece of information which must reside within your short-term memory.
This is not a problem if you work on one project.  It is a problem if
you work on hundreds of projects.  Then you need to run things like
git branch and git status, read the output, and decide what to type
based on that.  A good workflow seeks to minimize the risk that humans
make mistakes, and that means making things as simple as possible.
Please do not remove this particular piece of simplicity from our

Hi Ask,

Note that you don't need to script this kind of stuff, if you use the
following tricks:

# 1. This creates a symbolic link from master to mainline, which
solves your problem already.
$ git symbolic-ref refs/heads/master refs/heads/mainline

# 2. This worfklow doesn't even need you to specify a branch if you
start from mainline/master
$ git checkout -b feature/....
# work, work, work and commit
# If you no longer want to continue on this branch, you can go back to
the previous one with
$ git checkout -

Also note that cloning Geary will immediately take you to the default
branch of the remote (so no need to specify 'mainline' or anything).

I can also script my way out of this for most of the tasks I need to
do.  But inconsistencies have never made life easier in computing, and
this is an inconsistency which we could simply choose not to deal

We _could_, but if we want to (which is still Mike's decision as
maintainer of Geary), we can. Every change has its trade-offs, and
given the work Mike has put into this to make it a smooth(er)
transition, I'd say there is little inconsistency left to care about.
At least it would take less time then all the mails I (in hindsight
regrettably) read on d-d-l.

Kind regards,

Best regards


⊨ Michael Gratton, Percept Wrangler.
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