Gnome 3.32 Bugs


I've made a post on Reddit on the Gnome subreddit since many Gnome developers are on it about this but I figured an email would be a bit more efficient. I've also included a some other bugs that are affecting Gnome 3.32 and prior Gnome releases. I have no idea if these are already know or not.

-It is possible to get stuck in Gnome Settings as hitting the "back" button takes you back to the previous settings content and NOT back to the main setting categories. To reproduce, go to "Devices" and then go to "About" from the overview. Hit the back button and you'll be stuck.

-The cancel/restart/shutdown dialog box sometimes disappears and reappears, often after a user clicks the mouse button to select one of the three options. This doesn't seem to happen with any other dialog box in Gnome. I first ran into this issue in Gnome 3.18 while running Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.

-It is possible to glitch the location of a window in the overview. The allocated area for the window will be fine but the view of the window can be glitched to be on top of another window for example. I can't find any real meaningful way to reproduce but it seems to have something to do with dragging and dropping a window when a new window is added to the overview.

-When installing Flatpaks(especially from Flathub) Gnome Software will almost always fail to get metadata and will display a generic software icon with no software title.

-When installing Flatpaks(again, especially from Flathub) Gnome Software will sometimes always display 0% throughout the entire installation process.

-When installing Flatpaks(again again, especially from Flathub) and the percentage bar does work, it will often "rewind" a few percentages.

-When installing codecs, the progress bar will rewind to 0% after hitting 100%. I'm guessing that it's showing progress for each dependencies and not the whole software that is being installed which is what I would think would be the correct behavior. It would be nice if Gnome Software had a "Downloading"(Step 1/3) and "Setting Up"(Step 3/3) indicator.

-This is more of a feature request but... there is no way to extend the list of permissions for a Flatpak application in Gnome Setting's Application section. Is there any possibility for this to be added so that, for example, you can add directories that Steam Flatpak version has access to and give it controller access?

-There is a CSS bug with Gnome Settings and Numix. No other Gnome 3 application has this issues so I feel fairly certain that it is a problem with Gnome Settings specifically. See attached image. Notice that both the height, width, and color are wrong in Gnome Settings but are correct in Gnome Disks.

-When on a Codecs page in Gnome Software under add-ons, not enough space is allocated to the first column under "Details". Also the byte size shows up as 0(related?). See attached image. It happens like 35% of the time when viewing codec details.

If any of these aren't known and reported yet I can report them. I'm using Arch/Fedora 30 Beta Silverblue.

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