Re: Please check your module is not using deprecated python2, gnome-common, intltool

On Sat, 2019-04-06 at 17:54 -0700, Javier Jardón wrote:
- evolution-data-server

the same applies for evolution, evolution-ews and evolution-mapi.
The above issue is closed, because there is a lack of manpower (and
knowledge, I'm sorry) to convince gettext to easily work with all the
data files (ini-like, xml-like and glade-like) used in the evolution.
The issue doesn't contain any proposed patches, it's just filled (and
closed, as mentioned above). A good news is that covering the change in
one product will cover it in those other, because the
cmake/modules/FindIntltool.cmake is copied between the four.

The convenience the intltool provides, with the things working out of
the box, with no code duplication between projects, had been probably
the main argument to stay with it for me. I understand "a code
stability" and "an unmaintained project" terms as a very different, but
maybe it's just that the use case for the evolution products doesn't
touch those broken parts of the intltool (yes, intltool has some bugs,
I know, and I'm aware of one for which a "workaround" exists in the
evolution products).

That doesn't mean I'm not willing to move away from the intltool, I do
not care that much, as long as I can invoke `intltool -m` as I use to
do (or have an equivalent for it), but I need a help from someone whom
knows what to do in the gettext to produce the same result both when
generating the .po files and when updating the data files, because I
simply do not know and I'm currently buried in some other work.

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