Re: [GitLab] Gravatar vs libravatar

On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 10:24 AM, Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas ndufresne ca> wrote:
So it's a gain in privacy if you want to host your own. I'm surely not
the only one that isn't going that extreme in keeping control over
couple of my pictures flying around and won't go that far.

The gain in privacy comes from disabling gravitar integration, not hosting your own avatar service.

That being said, for people my me, where to I upload yet another
picture ? Any free hosted services ?

Just use The website design is not the greatest, but if you look above the orange Contribute! button there is a "Create a free account" link... click that, confirm your email, upload your avatar, done. It's just the free software replacement for Gravatar, really that simple. I assume you trust not to sell our IP addresses, avatar lookup history, email contact graphs, etc. to advertising companies.

Or just manually upload your avatar to The only reason I bothered with was that it was required to set an avatar on Fedora infrastructure. I don't really care whether we enable libravatar or not, just that we disable Gravatar.


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