IMPORTANT: Mass migration to GitLab update

Hello community,

I spent the weekend on getting things ready for the mass migration. Good news, we are ready!

All projects that created an issue (without special requests) has successfully passed a test migration. This includes projects as big as Evince, Glib, gdk-pixbuf, etc.

The plan advances one week

I know usually these plans get delayed, here is going to be the opposite. For a few reasons, including marketing and me soon going to have less time (RHEL development is knocking the door :) ) it's going to be useful to advance the mass migration one week, so this week we will perform it.

What does this mean

- Bugzilla will keep the original plan and will be switched to read-only on 1st July. You can switch your project to "read only" in the meantime if desired. Remember this is about new bugs, not about bugs already present, those can still be interacted with.
- cgit projects with any activity in the last two years will migrate thir repo by this week to GNOME/
- cgit becomes obsolete by this week, other projects will be slowly moved to some other group like "archive" or something like that. Let me know your ideas here.
- All new bugs will be reported in GitLab for all projects by this week.
- Projects that created an issue in the GitLab infra project that had no special requests will be handled manually and repo + bugs will be migrated during this week.
- Projects that created an issue in the GitLab infra project with special requests will be not part of this week mass migration. I'll handle them during the next 3 weeks, following the original plan.

Exceptions are possible but discouraged due to overhead, please contact me if you need it. I remember one project that planned to switch somewhere else that needed an exception, unfortunately I cannot find the email anymore. Please contact me again.

I need your help validating what I do

Performing the migration is a big responsibility. I will be very grateful if you can help me making sure I'm doing the right steps. Please don't hesitate to contact me to make sure I remember any concern/question/issue you had and that I'm in the same page with you and your plans.

On that, I would like to double check these projects and maintainers that I know and I'm not sure it's their intention to not migrate the bugs of their projects. Simply follow the instructions in the issue to give me an ack. Also, please help me reaching out to their maintainers.
  • evolution
  • gtksourceview
  • gdm
  • sysprof
  • pygobject
  • gvfs
  • gobject-introspection
  • gnome-settings-daemon
  • glade
  • vte
  • gnome-terminal
  • gnome-online-accounts
  • totem
  • rhythmbox
  • cogl
Please let me know any thoughts, questions or concerns you might have!

Carlos Soriano

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