Desktop miniconf @ Linux Plumbers Conference

Hello folks!

I recently had a discussion with the organizers of LPC.  My basic complaint (as one of  original organizers) was that they have strayed away from "plumbing" and userspace hasn't been represented as well as it could have been.  That LPC has become almost all kernel.

I was offered to run the desktop miniconf at LPC this year in November.

The purpose of this post is to determine whether GNOME developers has ideas/issues/possible discussions with kernel developers and general plumbers that would make improving our lives as user space engineers better.  A good example is Bastien Nocera's

Issues with drivers, wayland, power management,  message bus, etc.

So If there is sufficient interest, I will volunteer my time to run the miniconf this year.  Those of you who have items worth discussing can think of talks we can present to a diversified audience.

I plan on approaching KDE, and then a public post as a catch all for the rest of the userspace world.


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