Re: No app menu changes for GNOME 3.30, please!

Isaque Galdino <igaldino gmail com> wrote:

Humm, from [1], I understood we could start the migration.
"Summer 2018
    Apps can start migrating during the 3.30 cycle
Fall 2018
    3.30 ships with app menu support in the shell, but most apps don't use it anymore "

I know that's what Tobias put on the original whiteboard. However, it
felt like too short a time period to complete the transition and
communicate the plan to the wider world. That's why, when I proposed
the GNOME Goal, I proposed 3.31.x as the target development cycle.

I'd expected there to be some discussion about the timeline and a
decision by the Release Team.

As it is, we're less than a week away from UI freeze and most apps
haven't changed their app menus. For consistency's sake, it would be
better to hold off until next release.


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