Re: CI/CD workshop with GitLab developer

Hi, is there a video you can share for those who couldn't attend it? Thanks.

2018-06-21 9:16 GMT-03:00 Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org>:
Hello all,

We will have a workshop with a GitLab developer at GUADEC 9th July about CI/CD. We are creating the agenda, and I would like to ask what points would you like to see?

The current agenda is:

Introduction to GitLab CI/CD
- Concepts
- Why use GitLab CI/CD?
- Overview

Setup CI
- structure of .gitlab-ci.yml file
- stages & jobs
- using Docker images
- services & variables
- defining jobs
- defining environments
- only & except
- before & after
- caching
- artifacts & success
- manual triggers
- schedules
- extras

- architecture
- executors
- tagged runners
- scaling & performance

Hope it's going to be useful for all!

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