Re: Release team now using gnome-build-meta repository, not JHBuild

On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 3:47 AM, Tristan Van Berkom <tristan vanberkom codethink co uk> wrote:
For what regards the upcomming 3.28 release and further, patches should
go to the gnome-build-meta project instead of the JHBuild modulesets -
otherwise these patches would not be considered in the releases we are

As agreed upon in this previous thread[1], changes in gnome-build-meta
can be backported to the JHBuild modulesets while they remain on "life

Hi all,

This bears repeating: the release team will no longer maintain JHBuild or the JHBuild modulesets. When adding or removing a dependency from your module, please now update gnome-build-meta instead.

JHBuild has served us very well for a long time, but BuildStream should be much more reliable. Thanks very much to Tristan and Codethink for making this transition possible!

(Of course, you can still use jhbuild and commit to the jhbuild modulesets if you want to. Just please don't expect the release team to review your patches anymore.)

Thanks and happy hacking,


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