[GitLab] Question of the week: Names for groups

Hello all,

[For the engagement team, skip to the "Question of the week" section underneath]

If you read the previous email to desktop-devel-list, I'll do a "tips of the week" to ease the transition of everyone to GitLab.

But one thing I face during this process are new questions and decisions that impacts the usage across the GNOME project, and I would like the participation of community members in those. So in the same vein as the 'tips of the week', I'll propose a question to be discussed and to reach a decision every week. I hope this makes everyone have a chance to participate more and a way for everyone to chew the process better.

Question of the week

The question of this week is: What names should we use for our groups?

Right now we have the GNOME, GNOME Community, Infraestructure and External groups. There are few issues with these names though.
  1. Using the name 'GNOME' for one of them makes the others not inclusive, even more now with non-pure-code projects and teams using GitLab.
  2. Names are inconsistent. It's infrastructure not part of GNOME?
A proposal (which I'm not happy with either) is:
  • Apps. Here will go all the apps.
  • Libraries. Here will go all the libraries.
  • Web. GUADEC, gnome.org, wiki.gnome.org, etc.
  • Design.
  • Engagement & marketing.
  • Infrastructure.
  • External.
Please share your ideas & thoughts in the issue!


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