[GitLab] Projects moved and 'tips of the week'

Hello all,

Projects migrated today

- gnomegr-web
- wing
- pygobject
- krb5-auth-dialog
- libgtop

Due for me to heavily test these before migration I hit a limit in Bugzilla that prevented me to actually migrate the bugs for those. We will try again tomorrow morning.
We will also move GNOME Builder and GNOME Boxes tomorrow.


I know a new infrastructure means a lot to discover and at the same time too much, so every week I'll share with these emails some tips. Please try to read and keep up with them, they will make your transition much smoother. I'll only share few at a time.

- Checkout merge requests from anywhere with a simple command e.g. 'git mr origin 45': Read the docs for setting it up.
- Receive notifications: You can read the upstream docs. Basically click the right-most button in the next pic and select your preference.
Inline image 1
- Set up basic CI with build, tests and coverage (gcov) for your meson C project: Take a look at Nautilus for a simple example.


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