Re: 3.27.90 tarball deadline extended

Hi developers,

We're getting closer, but we're not yet at a point where we can recommend that you try generating release tarballs with BuildStream and expect it to work. So I have to reluctantly recommend that you use JHBuild to generate your 3.27.90 release tarballs, if your module has dependencies that can't be satisfied by your host system. Even though the release team is no longer maintaining JHBuild, you can make whatever changes to the modulesets you need, and I believe that it is still the easiest way to generate your release tarballs at this time.

The final tarball deadline for 3.27.90 will be Monday, February 12. Our release deliverable will still be a BuildStream project: that has not changed.

Due to this delay, we will skip the 3.27.91 release altogether, so the next tarball deadline will be 3.27.92, on March 5. Perhaps by then we will be able to recommend using BuildStream for tarball generation.

Thanks very much for your patience during this transition period.


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