3.27.90 tarball deadline extended

Hi developers,

TL;DR: the 3.27.90 tarball deadline is extended until next Monday

The release team is still learning how to get by in a BuildStream world. It turns out that nobody who is currently available knows how to generate release tarballs using BuildStream. Many developers, notably Tristan, are traveling from FOSDEM and unavailable at the moment. I've been discussing with Javier, and we're both kind of lost as to what to do. If you've already released a tarball, you must have done so either using host dependencies, which doesn't work for modules that depend on new stuff, or with JHBuild. We think it's important to actually be able to release all modules without using JHBuild, and we'll need a couple days to figure this out, and you all surely deserve at least one weekend after that before tarballs are due, so let's extend the 3.27.90 tarball deadline until at least next Monday. Expect more development schedule change announcements as we figure out what we're doing.

Thanks for your patience throughout this big transition,


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