[GitLab] What 11.6 brings to us

11.6 is here, there are a few nice things for us.

Run CI/CD for merge requests
CI are not only for branches, but also for MR. Variables, etc. can be put to adjust the CI to do X or Y things on MR or regular branches. This will be very handy if we need to go back to only do fast CI for the GNOME group.

Suggested Changes in MRs
Provide suggested changes in MRs and apply them at merge. This was raised in the postmortem email by a few people, so try it out and let me know how it works for you. AFAIK the implementation is similar to the one in GitHub.

Similar issues suggestions when filing a new issue
Duplicate issues handling was one of the top priorities for us, so GitLab has requested our feedback for this new feature. So please try it out and let me/them know how does it work for you.


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