Re: GitLab postmortem

On the whole, I'm really pleased with GitLab.

Especially really pleased with the ability to start discussions during reviews and mark comments as resolved. It's a bit of a shame we can't batch comments like on GitHub, but marking discussions as resolved is amazing and makes up for it.

The biggest problem by far has been Bugzilla migration. We still have tons of modules (e.g. gnome-shell, gnome-weather, geary, gsettings-desktop-schemas... just a few off the top of my head) which have still not completed Bugzilla migration. The very slow pace of migration is quite frustrating. Also, Bugzilla is quite broken right now, so you have to use Andre's direct links to get to the patch queue, bug list, etc. This would be a lot less frustrating once issues migrate, but in the meantime makes working with these modules almost impractical. Finally, it's just annoying to split discussion between Bugzilla and GitLab based on the time an issue was filed, or between patches and merge requests, for example.

I know it's a huge pain to do these migrations, but at least it's just a one-time cost and then we can be fully moved to GitLab.

On Tue, Dec 11, 2018 at 5:06 PM, Christian Hergert <christian hergert me> wrote:
We have issue templates (although I haven't figured out how to set them
up for my projects), but not issue reply templates.

The issue templates are borderline useless though, because the ability to set a template as the default issue template is an EE feature. This means nobody ever looks at them. I tried these briefly but wound up removing them. I really want to be able to show users a short message or issue template before they report bugs....

I really need reply templates to keep up with the number of bugs I need
to close after creation for a number of reasons.

 * Dups
 * Fixed in master, branch
 * Out of scope
 * User support
 * Feature requests (I take note of requests, but we do not hold bugs
   open, they only influence our roadmap).

Failure to have reply templates results in grumpier replies from yours

I really miss these canned replies too. It's just a small annoyance, but it would be nice to have.

Lacking some EE features is disappointing, but still, GitLab CE is much better than I was expecting. I'm very happy with how this has turned out (asides from the bug migrations). Apologies for my initial skepticism years ago. :)


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