Re: GitLab postmortem

On 12/11/18 5:22 AM, Carlos Soriano wrote:

Please keep the mail chain one way from you towards the world, so we
don't get trapped on specifics, we can address stuff raised here
individually out of list. Personally, I'll ping you on IRC or so if I
can do something to help.

We have issue templates (although I haven't figured out how to set them
up for my projects), but not issue reply templates.

I really need reply templates to keep up with the number of bugs I need
to close after creation for a number of reasons.

 * Dups
 * Fixed in master, branch
 * Out of scope
 * User support
 * Feature requests (I take note of requests, but we do not hold bugs
   open, they only influence our roadmap).

Failure to have reply templates results in grumpier replies from yours

-- Christian

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