Re: new GNOME Weather maintainers

On Thu, 2018-12-06 at 18:18 -0500, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:
Greetings all,

I just want to let you that Christopher Davis and Falk Seidl will be
co-maintainers of GNOME Weather.  GNOME Weather has no active
maintainer and both Chris and Falk will provide much needed energy
into the project.

As former Weather maintainer, this is great to hear!
I'm glad people are stepping up to maintain the app.

I'll be happy to grant them access to flathub/org.gnome.Weather on
github as well, so they can update the flatpak builds.

Also, while I won't have time to review MRs (thanks Philip for that),
if anyone has any question about the code, or anything that seems
unusual or they don't understand, feel free to reach out to me directly
and I'll try to help.



Philip will be providing code reviews as needed, and has given his +1
in regards to this.  I'm just verifying with the rest of you so if
have any questions and/or concerns, let's iron it out now.  Both are
active members of the GNOME community with active contributions to
several projects.


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