getting commit rights for / maintaining Dia ?

Hello everybody,

I would like to help maintaining Dia. Currently it seems like Dia has no

* the last public sign of Hans Breuer, the current maintainer [0], that
I could find last I searched in early 2018 was from January 2017. He
hasn't replied to any of my private emails nor to those on the Dia
mailing list.

* Dia's old bug list [2] seems to have been unattended to for a while (I
know about the migration to Gitlab)

* Steffen Macke, one of Dia's previous (co?)maintainers is not alive any

* I have contacted past maintainers/developers without hearing from any
of the except for Thomas Harding, who asked me to get in touch with Gnome

I maintain a Dia fork on Github, where I'm trying to merge useful
patches and I am a co-maintainer of the Dia package in Debian.

Would it be possible to get commit access to Dia's Gnome git repository
so I can help maintaining Dia? Who shoud I contact to give me commit rights?

My account on Gnome Gitlab is at [5].



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