Re: GNOME 3.29.91 released

On Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 5:42 PM, mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:

GNOME 3.29.91 is now available!

Hi developers,

I made a mistake in our release validation process, and accidentally included incompatible versions of glib (2.57.1) and gobject-introspection (1.57.2) in GNOME 3.29.91. gobject-introspection 1.57.2 requires glib 2.57.2, but this version of glib is incompatible with GNOME 3.29.91. I properly downgraded glib when I noticed this, but failed to downgrade gobject-introspection as well. The result is that GNOME 3.29.91 is not buildable.


* I'm currently working on an updated release with gobject-introspection downgraded to 1.56.1, to be published when available. * I've updated our release procedure to require the strict build plan in BuildStream, to avoid this happening in the future.

Lastly, I'll remind maintainers that it would be really helpful to release according to our release schedule when there are build fixes present in your tree, so that we wouldn't have to fight so many build failures and downgrade so many modules. I'm still waiting on releases from gtk-doc, gnome-online-accounts, gnome-boxes, and gnome-software, all of which were broken and required workarounds to be included in GNOME 3.29.91.


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