Re: Protected branches in GNOME's GitLab

On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 6:30 PM Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com> wrote:

Does it mean, that an automatically created user in GNOME's GitLab
instance, basically a complete stranger, receives the Developer
privilege, even when it's a Reporter (in bugzilla terms)?

No. In the GNOME group, only people with GNOME git access have Developer
privilege (that is, everyone who is allowed to push to If
anyone else wants to contribute changes, they have to fork the project in
their personal namespace. As they have full ownership of their fork (Master
privilege), they can push all the changes they want however they see fit
(but without affecting the original upstream repository of course).

Only when they want their changes to be applied back upstream they open a
merge request (from some branch in their forked repository to a branch
(likely master) in the original repo), and someone with Developer privilege
can then review those changes and merge them once they are happy with the

Which branches are marked as protected in GNOME's GitLab? The master
branch is probably protected by default. Which are the other branches?

None as far as I know.

According to [1] I can mark/unmark branches as protected when I'm at
least the Master level of the project, but doing that each six months
when branching for stable feels like one more thing to easily forget
about, thus it would be nice to have some common "mark-as-protected
gnome-X-YZ branches when created"

You can protect multiple branches with a single rule by using a wildcard,
for example "gnome-*" (to catch all current and future stable branches) or
"gnome-3-*" (to make unintended matches less likely).


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