Re: Gnome evolution and RFC 6186

On Tue, 2018-04-03 at 07:30 +0100, André Rodier via desktop-devel-list wrote:
Hello all,

I hope I am posting on the right mailing list. I am working on a project
that installs an email server from scratch.

I am setting up DNS records for email services automatic discovery (RFC
6186) but it seems that evolution is ignoring them.

You might do better on the evolution mailing list (now in Cc), or just

However, something is definitely working, as my domain is hosted on
Gandi, and the automatic settings come back with Gandi IMAP/SMTP
records, even if I don't use Gandi to host emails.

What is the logic used by evolution to automatically discover email

I don't think Evolution ever got RFC6186 support. See discussion at

It might make a decent GSoC project.

It would also be useful to delegate the various protocols' autodiscover
mechanisms to the back ends, instead of having protocol-specific
knowledge for EWS, ActiveSync, IMAP and other stuff hard-coded into
Evolution itself.

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