Issue in gsd-media-keys when using power standby button of usb device ...


I'm using a usb keyboard (microsoft wireless) and a usb remote control for controlling my home cinema device (earlier a lenovo notebook, now a minnow board max). The device is put into S3 (suspend to ram) when it is not used. I can wake it up again by pressing the suspend button of the keyboard again. However, in most of the times, the system goes back into suspend directly again. I've to repeat this some more times until the device suddenly stays active.

I debugged down the issue a bit more by enabling the verbose mode of gsd-media-keys. It looks as if the gsd-media-keys process is detecting the press of the suspend key which has been used to wake up the system and with it he is putting the system back to standby again. Following line in the logs points me to this assumption:

Nov 20 21:07:18 wohnzimmer gsd-media-keys[1482]: Received accel id 114 (device-id: 3, timestamp: 241835, mode: 0x1

I see this log line twice. Once when I put the system into standby and a second log when I activated it back with the key.

-> Is this issue known to someone?
-> Can someone confirm to see this issue as well? Should be reproducable with any usb keyboard with a standby key.

If yes. What would be a good solution to overcome this issue?

I'd suggest the following. Since gsd-media-keys is already connecting with systemd-logind, it's easy to register for signals for standby and reactivation. One could implement a sort of "Ignore standby keys 1s after wakeup" logic.

What do you think? Other ideas?

I'd provide a patch once it is clear that the issue is actually an issue and we agree on an appropriate solution.

Thx in advance.

Marko Hoyer

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