gtk-doc output options

Since people regular illy complain about the slowness of gtk-doc I'd
like to evaluate some options. First the slowness is due to using the
docbook-xsl stylesheets to produce html/pdf and optionally man pages.
One main to get a huge speedup would be to drop the whole docbook
toolchain and generate the html output directly from the comment blocks
in the code. A nice side effect would be much higher portability.

Below is a link to a survey to learn how important pdf/man support would
be. Please note that man support means outputting one man-page for each
refentry. This is not about dropping output of man-pages for PROGRAM
sections (though we need to rethink the tooling here). Please fill the
poll, it will be up until end of this year.

Getting there is quite a bit of work. I am working on coming up with a
smooth transition plan. For questions, feel free to ask, come to #gtkdoc
to discuss etc.


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