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Hey Arun,

Glad to hear you are positive about the proposal!

 Let me answer your points:

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On 17 May 2017 at 03:57, Carlos Soriano via desktop-devel-list
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> Hello Mattias,
> Thanks for sharing your thoughs!
> Your concern is about using fast forward merge. Yes, we raised this concern
> as the top most important for us, and as we mention in the wiki we have good
> news, GitLab team is willing to strongly consider making fast forward merge
> to CE if GNOME decides to switch to GitLab.
> Don't worry much about this one :)

Thank you for taking this up. While I share some concerns voiced on
this thread, overall, I think it is a good thing for us to be trying
to move to tools that make our lives easier as well as lower the bar
for new contributors who are used to the Github-esque workflow.

My first note to folks who are concerned about GitLab being an evil
semi-closed project would be to look at the repository at -- having shared these
concerns in the past, I feel a lot more positive looking at degree to
which external contributions are encouraged.

Yes, as mentioned in a different thread, more than 50% is by community.
Of course we had the same concerns in the past But then we explored the tool and the team more, realized that in the CE repo there ara quite a lot of non-gitlab contributions, read more about them and their actions in the past (like moving EE features to CE based on user input), and talked with them. Now we are pretty confident about it.

The things I worry about are the features that are in the EE and not
in CE that I think will be important for us either now, or down the

* Git hooks -- either admins with file system access need to manage
these for projects because the web interface to do this is EE-only

This is not a problem really. We were doing it already with Bugzilla/cgit.

* Automatic rebase for fast forward commits -- Carlos mentioned that
this might be something that'll just be part of the CE

Yes, no worries about this one.

* Single-sign-on with the remaining GNOME account infra -- maybe this
will just be something we'll have to maintain ourselves

Care to expand? You mean using the gnome account to login? If so, that's already possible.

* Issue templates -- again, this seems like a basic feature for this
kind of platform so we can get more meaningful bug reports to start

This is on CE.
You might remembered from the past, before 8.1, when it was EE.
Test our gitlab test instance as outlined in the wiki so you know what's the current status of the tool, since it changed and added quite a few things in the last months that otherwise we would have ponder much more if it makes sense for us.

* Multiple issue boards per project -- I haven't used the issue
boards yet, but this seemed like a rather artificial limitation rather
than an actual feature differentiated in EE

Not sure how this is necessary for us, compared to what we have in Bugzilla.
Of course this would be useful, but the frame of the problem is more about what we have now vs what we could have.

Other than the hooks which might be an immediate concern, I guess the
rest of these aren't a step down from where we are, so if we have an
idea of how to deal with these in the future, that's good enough.

Template issues and ff merge would have been a step down. Not sure template issues would have been extremely important, but still. But as mentioned, template issues in is CE since a few months ago, and fast forward merge shouldn't worry you :)

Thanks again to everyone helping with this,

p.s.: I do think Bugzilla allows for more complexity in
tracking/management but that might just be because of my familiarity
with it.
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