Re: Paperwork : a personal document manager (scanned and PDFs)

Actually, I already thought of using Flatpak[1]. But one of the problems I will have is regarding Tesseract (OCR): Each language has its own data file(s) (between 1 and 10MB per language). I'm not sure yet how it could be handled with Flatpak. I need to have another look whenever I can.


2 mai 2017 17:21 "Sriram Ramkrishna" <sri ramkrishna me> a écrit:
On Tue, May 2, 2017, 5:54 AM <jflesch gmail com> wrote:
First of all, I want to thank you all for your comments and feedbacks. I wasn't really expecting such a nice welcome :-)
Hopefully not because our reputation precedes us. :)

Regarding the HIG, you can actually also thank Mathieu Jourdan ( ). He has been providing me with awesome mockups.
It looks great!

Regarding the goals, I think we can agree it would be best to keep Gnome documents, simple-scan and Paperwork separated, at least for now:
Looking at your downloads page, it seems that creating a flatpak would simplify things there. Especially when it comes updating and reinstalling etc.
Your use case seems more of the 'scan all my receipts' and other related things.
Anyways just wanted to throw in my spare change in the mix.

- Simple-scan: For me, the way I see it, it's more of a general scan application. It can do wonder, but my understanding is that it's not intended as a document manager. For instance, I used it to scan this drawing : . Scanning it with Gnome Documents or Paperwork wouldn't have make sense.
- Gnome Documents: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems mostly focused at electronics documents (.odt, .pdf, etc).
- Paperwork: As stated previously, it has a very clear focus on paper documents. PDFs are mostly a side-effect so people don't have to switch between document managers all the time. It's also intended to let the users do as little as possible .. and some people just don't want that (I got a bunch of tickets over time regarding putting titles on documents ...). So, while its goal may overlap Gnome Documents, I don't think one size fits all here.

2 mai 2017 10:58 "Allan Day" <allanpday gmail com> a écrit:
Hey Jerome!
Great to hear from you, and welcome to the GNOME project!
Jerome Flesch <jflesch gmail com> wrote:
(sorry if it's not the correct mailing-list for this kind of discussions)

On Github, someone told me that there is someone else in the Gnome
design team working on mockups for a new document manager / scan
application[1][2]. It looks quite similar to an application I've been
working on for a while: Paperwork.
It's really fantastic to see new apps being worked on for GNOME, particularly when they follow the HIG! Paperwork looks really interesting.
I work on design and I was the one who drew those mockups you linked to. They are indeed intended as potential updates to Simple Scan (they're still pretty new and experimental).

Assuming this is actually a good fit for Gnome, I'm not sure where to
start either. Any indications would be welcome.
It looks to me like Paperwork probably has a specific set of use cases involved - particularly someone who scans lots of text documents. Concentrating on that use case seems like a perfectly good goal to me.
I'm not 100% confident where GNOME's strategy is long-term in this area and would be happy to discuss it with you (just call into #gnome-design whenever you want). One thing that having a standalone scanning utility (in the shape of Simple Scan) does give us is the ability to scan different types of documents, that might end up in different places. Likewise, while we may want to look at Documents' role in the future, it does fit well into the triumvirate of Documents/Photos/Music. :)

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