Re: Mycroft GNOME Shell Extension & Request to join the community

Hey Rahul!

Rahul Mehra <rahulmehra techgeek co in> wrote:
I recently released the Mycroft AI Gnome Shell Extension for the Gnome
Shell Desktop Environment. The shell extension is a front end to
Mycroft AI which can be described as an open source digital assistant
for the Linux platform. The gnome shell extension with Mycroft Core
provides users a number of intelligent skills which can be interacted
with via text and voice input. One of the main goals of my work on the
gnome shell extension is to get a smart open source digital assistant
like Mycroft to interact with the gnome desktop environment via voice
and/or a graphical interface, with a possibility of a deeper
integration with the desktop environment and other gnome applications
that are included with the desktop.

I am posting this email as I would like the Mycroft gnome shell
extension project to be a part of the gnome community and get a chance
to host my extension on gnome infrastructure.

In my experience getting hosted on GNOME infrastructure isn't the most important thing to get involved in the community. Instead, I think the best thing to do is join the most popular IRC channels and mailing lists, and to help out with an existing module. The newcomers guide [1] is a great way to get started, if that's what you want to do.

Alternatively, if you'd like to talk about how to integrate Mycroft into GNOME, it would be great to chat on #gnome-design. I'm sure we could come up with some ideas for how to take your work further!

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