Re: Searching mentor for GSoC Proposal on GNOME Disks

On Sat, 2017-03-25 at 06:38 -0400, Carlos Soriano via desktop-devel-
list wrote:
On possibility is Michael/GNOME can mentor you, or, a co-mentor
project could arise, the gtk+ part by someone from GNOME/Michael and
the udisk part from someone from udisks sharing the work.


I'm not planning to take a GSoC student this year, but I can vouch for
Kai's proposal. He also has a significant contribution to Disks on
GitHub that I'm planning to merge soon. The main problem here is that
Disks does not have an active maintainer right now. Ideally Kai would
become the new maintainer after the project, but he's obviously not
going to be accepted unless someone is interested in mentoring.


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