Searching mentor for GSoC Proposal on GNOME Disks


after going through many of the listed ideas from organizations in the
Google Summer of Code program, I came to the conclusion that I would
like to propose working on GNOME Disks.

I use it very often and it mostly does a good job. But recently I had to
use GParted again for resizing and moving partitions and realized that
it can't work in a Wayland session (because it runs as root).
Since the storaged/UDisks transition also might give the chance to work
on related features in UDisks, I think working on GNOME Disks would make
up a good GSoc project in order to provide functionality which was
offered GParted.

The suggestion is to first accurately list available filesystem choices
(needs some UDisk work) and then support resizing and checking. As
moving partitions is not so essential and may be out of scope for UDisk,
this would be at most a stretch goal.
On the way there are other maintenance tasks and the whole project also
reachs out to UDisks/libblockdev for resizing and fixing filesystems.

Is there anyone who would like to be a mentor for me?
I'm in the process of reading code and open bugs reports and have
started working on a new feature with guidance from Michael Catanzaro:

Some words on myself: I'm in the computer science master program at TU
Berlin and finished my bachelor last year at FU Berlin. Up to now I'm
not a great contributor :/ but was at GUADEC in Strasbourg and follow
the since many years.

Thank you for reading!

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