meson version for GNOME 3.26


For GNOME 3.26, the maximum required version of meson will be meson
0.39.1 (matching what will be in Ubuntu 17.04). If you remove Autotools
support from your module in favor of meson, you must ensure that it
builds properly with this version of meson. (If you have added a meson
build but retain Autotools support, then you can require whatever
version of meson you want.)

Reminder: for GNOME 3.24 the maximum required version of meson is

Ideally, we would build meson in JHBuild itself and ignore the version
of meson installed on the system, freeing ourselves from this version
requirement. It requires a volunteer to teach JHBuild to understand
that <meson> tags in the moduleset definitions mean it has to build the
meson module. Currently JHBuild understands it to mean that it requires
the meson package to be installed on the system, and code changes are
required to alter this.


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