RFC: Host remote gnome appdata assets under static.gnome.org/appdata/..


TL;DR  Host remote gnome appdata assets under static.gnome.org/appdata/
.. instead of individually in each module.

  I was looking for the most appropriate a place to host some
additional screenshots for gnome-clocks to reference in the appdata.

  The prevalent pattern for this, as used by clocks and most other
gnome hosted software, seems to have those in
git.gnome.org/<app>/data/.. and reference them in the appdata as https:

This seems sub-optimal:

 - Its mostly static binary content that has no use in runtime,
buildtime or helptime. 

 - It peruses the git.gnome.org url for static content, which doesn't
seem like the best setup from a sysadmin standpoint.

 - The licensing of appdata screeenshots for gnome apps seems best
governed by a one project wide licensing setup instead on a per project

  So I filed an infrastructure bug [1] to request some guidance from
the sysadmin team and Andrea indicated that using
static.gnome.org/appdata/...  would be an ok place for those.

static.gnome.org is manageable by committers in the static-web git



[1] - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=784031

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